A bit of post concert craziness.

A bit of post concert craziness.


Tick! Just survived my annual student concert last month (August 2019). I have been holding one of these mini concerts in the same venue (Woollahra Seniors Centre) for the past 20 years and it has become a bit of a hit.

A lot of work and energy goes into preparing this concert, yet each year, the benefits seem clearer.

Instead of covering my costs to run the event (eg venue hire, setting up, accompanying), I ask all my students to donate to a charity.

This year we all put money towards the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF), a not-for-profit organisation inspiring creativity and imagination by providing instruments and weekly music classes to disadvantaged children and youth at risk Australia-wide.

Collectively our 2019 student concert cohort raised over $300, and in the process, were reminded of how fortunate we are to learn and play a musical instrument.

Student concerts have many other benefits also, much more than simply preparing for an examination or competition, such as:

•     Having a clear goal to prepare for

•     Hearing and learning new repertoire

•     Younger players being inspired by the more experienced older ones

•     Learning to address an audience clearly and accept applause graciously

•     A chance to test a new piece or technical skill

•     The opportunity to perform a duet or ensemble piece

•     Allowing friends and family to hear what you have been working on

•     Creating a musical community.

This year I also hoodwinked my adult students into doing a separate concert in my studio. Each played a solo piece, then came together to perform chamber music.

While most were initially reluctant, the promise of a glass of wine before and/or after playing convinced them all, and on the night, they all loved the experience! (Incidentally, they all opted for wine after playing).

So, looking forward to planning the 2020 student concert and reaping the rewards of a healthy and growing music studio community.

If you are interested in more information on the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF), head here:

My adult students, pre glass of wine, enjoying playing some chamber music together.

My adult students, pre glass of wine, enjoying playing some chamber music together.